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Who We Are

Our purpose is to endorse, support and elect Republicans to fight for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at our local, regional, state, and national government levels. We pursue this goal by educating the citizens in the local area and supporting our local candidates with volunteers, funding, and encouragement.

What Is A BPOU?

BPOU stands for Basic Political Organization Unit. It is the grassroots level of political organization. The BPOU for House District 42B (HD42B) has 13 precincts across parts of five cities. These precincts vary in size but are used to help organize votes and voting locations on election day.

The BPOU operates as an independent grassroots organization structured under the State of Minnesota GOP and the 4th Congressional District committee. It has its own constitution, leadership, membership, budget, etc.


In an election year the BPOU endorses local candidates at its caucus and elects delegates to represent the BPOU at Republican District and State conventions.  During the off-election years it holds conventions to elect officers and conduct other party business.

2021-2022 Executive Officers

Chair: OPEN

Deputy Chair:  Dawn Westermann

Secretary:  Mark Storkamp

Treasurer:  Patty Bradway

Vice Chair:  Michelle Manke

Vice Chair:  Phil Ziermann

Vice Chair:  Allen Thomsen

Vice Chair:  Greg Ryan

Vice Chair:  Marlaine Maahs

Vice Chair:  Kelly Swenson-Hegle